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Choosing A Wedding Videographer For Your Special Day

Choosing A Wedding Videographer For Your Special Day!

By: Charish


Just as with photography, modern technology has made it easy for almost anyone to hold and use a video camera. Because of this, more couples than ever are choosing not to hire a professional, but are choosing to ask a friend or relative to record their wedding day for them.

Pros: Well, the only pro that comes to mind regarding a non-professional doing your wedding video is that you won't be out any extra money on your wedding budget.

Cons: The cons are many, if a couple chooses to have a non-professional shoot their wedding video. I'll list some below.

1. The quality could turn out to be shaky, blurry, too dark, you name it.

2. The voice quality may be very poor, or non-existent.

3. You will most likely be left with an un-edited, raw footage copy of your wedding day video, that very well could take literally hours to watch down the road. This could include gut wrenchingly boring scenes of uncle Tom, and Aunt Betty talking about whatever comes to mind at the moment, , and then dancing non-stop at your reception. In fact, you may never want to watch your wedding video again. Quite simply - without professional editing, you will be stuck with every single second, embarrassing, boring, or not, of your wedding day.

4. Without a professional, you will most likely not have music set to your video in sections that any other sounds are not necessary, or wanted. And as far as special effects, or transitions that can create the right mood, , ,you may not have these things as well. You may later regret not having a video that brings back the feelings you had on your special day. An experienced, and creative professional videographer will know how to make you feel something special when you watch your video year, after year. That in itself, will be priceless!

When Shopping For A Videographer The Following Is Suggested:

(1) Always ask to see several demo videos of the videographer's work. If you like what you see, then keep them in mind.

(2) Always set an appointment with more than one videographer, and keep the appointment. This will allow you to compare, personalities, quality of work, styles, etc.

(3) Always ask the videographer how many years he/she has been in business under their current business name. Years, are not always a guarantee of quality, but a business that has been around a long time, is a good sign of quality business management.

(4) PRICE: Making good wedding videos is an expensive business and a true professional needs to charge a price that is both fair to you, but will also allow the professional to turn a fair profit. You should regard cheap quotes with suspicion, as often lack of experience is shown in pricing.

(5) Always ask the videographer, how many cameras will be at your event? A good answer would be no less than two cameras.

(6) Always ask to see the videography contract, and always make sure that every detail, and promise is in writing on the contract.

(7) It is recommended that you ask for wide-screen high-definition if at all possible. As time goes by, and most people are used to watching everything in HD, a video produced in standard definition may appear to be poor quality in comparison.

These are just a few of the many things to consider for a very important aspect of your wedding day memories - your wedding video!

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How to Spot an Elegant Bridal Gown


Raylia Wedding Dress W4575HC

Raylia Wedding Dress W4575HC

If you are one of the lucky brides who will be wearing an elegant wedding dress on your special day, you have some beautiful dresses to choose from. Shopping for and finding an elegant wedding dress for your wedding day is certainly a lot of fun for everyone involved. Elegant wedding dresses allow the bride to show off her true style and her very own fashion sense as both the gown and designer are hand-picked and made especially for her.

Elegant bridal gowns are really works of art and should be taken seriously even while enjoying shopping for the perfect design. Depending on what fabrics, embellishments, and specific designer you have chosen, there are still many choices to be made.

With so many wedding dress designers creating beautiful gowns, it is getting more and more difficult to spot an elegant wedding dress. If you know what to look for and which designers to keep track of, you can more easily identify an elegant dress. While the bride on a budget can benefit from many elegant looks going mainstream, the bride who must have the best is sure to love some of the luxurious authentic elegant gowns available today.

The Quality

When trying to spot an elegant wedding dress, a great indication is the location at which you are shopping. Ask if the store carries elegant bridal gowns. It is also a good idea to take a look at the overall quality of the dress. If you try on a sample, does it seem to be wearing well after many people have tried it on? Is the beading falling off or does it seem to be well-stitched? Are the edges and hems frayed? Is the stitching along the seams sufficient? These are some of the most important questions regarding the overall quality of the wedding dress that you should ask yourself when considering it for purchase. Elegant wedding dresses should be of the highest quality and very well-made. If the quality is poor or even mediocre, you can bet that it is not a elegant wedding dress.

The Fabric

The most commonly used fabrics for any wedding dresses include chameuse, chiffon, crepe back satin, georgette, peau de soie, organza, and tulle. Elegant bridal gowns in most cases are made with from these fabrics. There are different versions of these fabrics that designers can choose from. For an elegant wedding dress, the fabric is made of natural materials rather than manmade polyester. For example, chameuse may be made from either silk or polyester. The more expensive elegant bridal gowns will be made from silk chameuse while the knock-offs will be made with polyester chameuse.

The Style

Fashion designers are always coming up with new designs to push the envelope, and this is also true in the wedding dress industry. You can spot an elegant wedding dress when you see a new style or a daring neckline that has not been around too long. Keep an eye on the spring and fall runway shows, as wedding dress designers also make their collections debut during fashion weeks. Knowing what is in style on the runway will give you an idea if a wedding dress is a designer dud or a style that has been embraced as daring and elegant.

The Fit

A elegant wedding dress should always have a fabulous fit and with good reason. Elegant wedding dresses fit so well because they are often custom-made especially for the bride’s body. The designer will take the measurements and make the dress based on those measurements. Once the dress is made, the bride goes back to the designer for several fittings where a seamstress will tailor the dress even more to flatter the bride’s figure and even hide any imperfections!

When shopping for a wedding dress, you should keep in mind that elegant wedding dresses can be found at other venues than the designer’s shop. Top designers can be found at high end department stores, not just little expensive boutiques and bridal shops. You can also find elegant wedding dresses at consignment shops, auctions, and sample sales.

If you are a bride on a budget and long for an elegant bridal gown, these tips will help you spot one a little more easily. While some knock-off wedding dresses are made so well these days that it may be hard to tell, there is nothing like an authentic elegant bridal gown. As long as the dress fits you well and makes you feel like a beautiful bride, nothing else matters except the memories and the enjoyment you experience on your special day.

By Arianna1

Decoding Wedding Cake Prices

How to Decode Wedding Cake Prices

Are you baffled by the price of wedding cakes? Curious as to why something created with eggs, flour & butter can cost more than the price of gold? If you are worried that you are being fleeced for a bit of sponge cake, here is the low down on wedding cake prices.

You may or may not be aware of how cake prices are calculated. The usual method is on a per slice or per serving basis, that is you order a cake with enough portions to give one to each guest, you will probably order a little extra as well. As a guide you can expect to pay an average of $1.50 - $8.00 per serving, so you would be wise to calculate your cake budget within this range, before falling in love with the world’s most expensive cake.

Here is a guide as to what exactly goes into the creation of your wedding cake & how that has an impact on the cost.

Why Size Does Matter

Simple economics states that the bigger the cake the bigger the price. This doesn’t just apply to the diameter of your cake but also to the height. You could pick a small 7″ cake but if you have six tiers, it is likely to cost as much as a 12″ cake with two tiers. So think carefully about how wide & how tall you want your cake to be.

As a standard, choose a three tier cake. The more work you create for the baker - baking, icing, decorating etc, the more it will cost. If your budget is tight keep it simple & don’t ask for anything fancy, such as tilted tiers or intricate scrollwork or a fabulous cascade of hand crafted sugar flowers.

You will find that sheet cakes are the most inexpensive option. However, if your budget is tight you can have the best of both worlds. Order a lavish cake which you can put on display at the reception. Then after you have done the cake cutting ceremony, you can serve up pieces of cutting cakes or sheet cakes to you guests. These will have been stashed away in the kitchen & once cut your guests will never know it isn’t the same cake they were looking at a moment ago!

What’s In the Mix

The main part of your cake - is the cake! But the choice of flavor or type of cake can make a world of difference to the price you are quoted.

The cheapest option is a basic sponge cake, either plain or flavored with vanilla. Other flavor choices can include orange, lemon, chocolate or even carrot. Personally I think you can’t go wrong with a sponge cake, as it will appeal to most people’s tastes.

At the other end of the scale is the cheesecake. At luxurious cheesecake will indulge your guests but will cost you $8 or more per slice because they are more time intensive to make.

I could write an endless list of all the types of cake there are to choose from. Traditionally the cake of choice was a fruit cake. Probably because the top tier was always kept for the christening of the couple’s first born child. Any other type of cake was unlikely to be still edible by the time this occasion came about. But there are no hard & fast rules about the type of cake you should have & really it should come down to personal taste & preference.

Just remember, the more time it takes to make, the more expensive it will be & the more stuff that goes into it - fruit, nuts, alcohol etc. the more expensive it will be.

A Question of Topping

Love it or hate, it wouldn’t be a wedding cake without some form of icing & decoration. The choice you make should reflect your personal taste & your budget!

BUTTERCREAM. Remember this from childhood? The archetypal cake topping.

Pro: Tastes delicious, is easy to use & is inexpensive.

Con: Difficult to get the perfectly smooth finish that is so popular these days & it won’t stand up well in heat.

CREAM CHEESE. The traditional topping for carrot cakes.

Pro: Cost wise it is the same as buttercream & tastes just as delicious.

Con: It isn’t possible to create intricate designs.

FONDANT. Like an edible playdough, findat is the trendiest topping on the block at the moment!

Pro: Good cake designers can do anything with fondant. Pleats, folds, flowers, hearts, anything it possible.
Con: It is the most expensive choice & the least tasty.

It’s Hip to be Square

Square cakes are bang on trend at the moment, but they are also the most expensive.

To get a square looking even when you apply the frosting you need to build up the edges. So, this means more work, which means more time, which means - yeas you’ve guessed it! More money.
So that’s it. Everything you will need to know about the basics of wedding cakes & how there prices are calculated. Whatever your choice, it should be a personal decision & one which reflects your tastes. Armed with this information you can approach your cake designer knowing exactly how to get the perfect wedding cake for your money.

By: Georgina Clatworthy



Proper Etiquette for Sending out Save the Date Cards

Proper Etiquette for Sending out Save the Date Cards

Sending save the date cards is one of the newest phenomena in the world of wedding planning, which may account for some of the questions couples may have. The practice of sending these cards can be quite confusing with couples asking who they should send them to, what information should be included, and when to send them. These are just a few concerns that people have with save the date cards.

Primarily, save the date cards are the first step in informing your wedding guests of the big event. Their main purpose is to allow guests to mark your wedding date on their calendar and to clear their schedules. While save the date cards are not a requirement, they are often appreciated greatly.

Do not let all the questions you have impede the plans you have for your wedding. Simply read these tips on proper save the date card etiquette and you are sure to have success in planning your wedding. You do not have to be a wedding planner to properly send save the date cards to your guests.

Are Save the Date Cards Always a Good Idea?

It is not always required to send out save the date cards for your wedding, but there are a few cases in which doing so is ideal. If many of your guests may be traveling to attend your wedding, save the date cards are an excellent idea. If your wedding takes place on or around a holiday, it is also a good idea to use them. Other situations in which sending save the date cards is recommended include if your wedding is taking place in another country or if your wedding going to occur in a major city.

Who to Send Save the Date Cards To

Plainly put, send save the date cards only to guests you plan to invite to the wedding. You should not send save the dates to anyone who that is not being invited to the wedding. This is important because your guests need to mark their calendar with the date of the wedding so they do not make any plans on that day.

When to Send Save the Date Cards

In most cases, save the date cards should be sent four to six months before your wedding. If you are planning a destination wedding, however, plan to send them out even before that, a year in advance, if you can. Giving your guests as much notice as possible can help them plan any necessary travel arrangements or vacation time off from work for your big day.

What Information to Include

Save the date cards are not wedding invitations, so you do not need to include everything you normally would within the invites themselves. The information that you need to include is limited to your names, the date of the wedding, and the city, town and state in which the wedding is going to take place. You do not have to include the venue at this time, save that information for the wedding invitation. If you have a wedding website, be sure to include it now.

It is also important to remember that save the date cards are a new idea and many guests may have not received them in the past. Because of this, it is a good idea to include something on the card that lets guests understand that this is not the invitation. An option would be, “invitation to follow” neatly printed at the bottom center of the card.

Formal or Informal

There is no strict guideline as to how formal or informal your wedding save the date cards should be. A good rule of thumb is to stick to the theme and style of your wedding. If your wedding is going to be formal, go ahead and design your save the date cards accordingly. If you are having a casual wedding, you can use fun save the date cards are just as good since it is an informal wedding. Just remember, as long as you like the style of the cards, nothing is wrong.

Save the Date Design Options

The design options for the save the date cards really have no limit. By the time save the date cards are ready to go out, many couples have already decided on the basic design and layout of their invitations. So, if you already have a theme or style in mind, go with that for continuity purposes. Many couples like to tie everything together with one theme, color scheme, and style throughout the entire planning process.

Save the date cards do not need to be “postcards” as many people assume. Couples can get very creative in letting their guests know when and where the wedding is going to be. Popular formats for save the date cards include magnets, posters, emails, calendars, and even coffee mugs.

By: Jennifer Bailey