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Tips to Consider When Planning a Summer Wedding

Tips to Consider When Planning a Summer Wedding

There are many factors that need to be considered when planning a summer wedding. Besides the usual details such as wedding attire, the wedding location, the wedding flowers, the wedding photography, and choosing who will be in your wedding party, with a summer wedding you also need to be involved with factors such as the weather, the location, the season, tourists, storage and travel.

The Weather - Check Your Wedding Day Weather Here

By far, the biggest factor to consider as you plan a summer wedding is the unpredictable wedding weather. In many locations, the weather during the summer months is considerably hotter and dryer than it is during the rest of the year. If you plan to host your summer wedding somewhere outdoors, such as a beach, the weather could greatly effect how your wedding day goes. You and your guests could grow extremely uncomfortable if there is little to no air flow during your wedding, and if it rains, it could become an even less enjoyable experience.

Therefore, if you plan on having your wedding ceremony somewhere that is extremely warm or a place that could get an impromptu rain storm, consider the things you can do to make the event more comfortable for your guests. Providing seats for everyone in shaded areas could offer a suitable atmosphere that would allow everyone to enjoy themselves as you and the love of your life pronounce your nuptials. Shortening the ceremony, and holding your wedding reception under a tent that enables air flow, can combine the perks of having both an outdoor wedding location and indoor wedding venue.

If you are having a summer wedding, you also need to consider how the weather can affect planned details such as reception locations, wedding photographs, and travel accommodations for you and your guests. Many couples like to book a back-up plan, or a rain venue, just in case your reception can not be held outdoors as you had originally planned. You will also want to discuss with your wedding photographer beforehand specific locations where you can take photos in case of inclement weather. You may also want to suggest to friends and family to plan their travel accommodations as close to the wedding date as possible, just in case the weather prohibits them from making it to your wedding on time. If you are having a summer wedding, it is a great idea to have back up plans for all of your details.

The Location - Search For A Wedding Location Anywhere - Click Here

The wedding location is always important, but during the summer months they are even more important. During the wedding planning process, it is important to question if your wedding venue has air conditioning, and if it is prepared for handling unpredictable weather issues such as flooding or thunderstorms. Being prepared for the worst, and having back up options, will allow your wedding day to continue smoothly and without chaos. Having a back up venue will also be beneficial if a bad storm or spring flooding occurs before your wedding day, forcing you change your location ahead of time.

On or Off Season

The on and off seasons of certain locations can play a huge role in planning a summer wedding. For example, if you plan on reciting your vows at a beautiful ski resort during June, be sure to consider first if any resorts are even open during the off season. Many locations will hold different or shorter hours during their off season, in which you can visit them to see if they can accommodate your event.


Lakeshore Resort (Shaver Lake) Ceremony and Reception location - Web

Paradise Springs (Wedding and reception location ,Oakhurst, Bass Lake, near Yosemite and Fresno) - Web


If you are having your summer wedding at a popular location, tourists may be a factor to consider beforehand. For example, if you and your fiancĂ© met in Disney World, and want to get married in front of the Magic Kingdom, it is important to know beforehand that there will be a good amount of tourists watching as you say “I do.” The amount of tourists in an area can also impact details such as hotel reservations, and photographs. However, if you are planning on having a rather large wedding, certain locations will be glad to accommodate you since your contributions can help them flourish.

Storage and Travel

During the summer months, storage and travel accommodations will need to be strongly considered beforehand. For example, if you and your husband are planning to head off to your honeymoon directly after the wedding, you want to make sure you have a temperature controlled storage unit available. This unit can safely hold items such as your dress, flowers, gifts, and other items that you might not have time to deal with until you get home from your vacation. High heat temperatures can severely destroy keepsakes that you will have wanted to keep forever. Therefore, planning a safe place for them to be held before you leave for your trip can be extremely beneficial.

Summer Wedding Photo Ideas Below:
(images added by permissible embedded code provided by 3rd party)

Destination Weddings Close To Home, Plus David & Adriana's PLATINUM WEDDING!

Destination Weddings Close To Home (By: Robert Payne), Plus David & Adriana's PLATINUM WEDDING!


In view of the spectacular draw of destination weddings throughout the past decade, you might be feeling a tad left out. Maybe you can't afford to take a lot of time off from your job, or possibly you just lack the resources to go away to a beautiful tropical isle or a mountain retreat located amid natural grand surroundings.

To be perfectly honest, you don't need to pay out a fortune to a put together a superb destination wedding. Merely make your wedding affair a local destination theme wedding in place of a long-distance affair.

Here are a few ideas on ways you can put together a local destination theme wedding.

Commence looking for your destination wedding site as close at hand as you can! (in your own city). Is there a well-known state park or famous Church in your hometown? Maybe there's a charming little bed-and-breakfast inn tucked away in a tranquil locality? Each of these spots can offer a wonderful location for a destination style wedding party.

Emphasize the locale you pick. For example, if you choose to hold your wedding party at a local bed-and-breakfast, choose a theme that goes well with it. Is it a Victorian inn? Have a Victorian theme garden wedding party. Does it border a seaside? A beach theme wedding would be perfectly suited.

Come again? You reside in a huge metropolis and a charming bed-and-breakfast really doesn't exist? No problem. Host an upscale skyscraper theme wedding event, complete with rooftop dancing and lustrous party gifts!

If you can't stumble upon anything out of the ordinary in your own town, widen the boundaries of your search to your whole state. The majority of states have great landmarks and state parks that would be marvelous for staging destination theme wedding parties. What's more, you'll indeed find plenty of vineyards, botanical gardens, museums and other sites which would function as fantastic settings for your wedding party.

One suggestion that presents itself for a destination theme wedding is a tropical island style wedding. You can put on such a wedding at a botanical garden or, maybe, a university arboretum, where tropical flowers are cultivated.

Another location to contemplate for a destination theme wedding is a theme park. For instance, if you make your home in Orange County, California, you could carry out your "destination wedding" at the Independence Hall replica at Knott's Berry Farm.

Once you find your location, you may possibly need to do some long-distance preparation. Start by chatting with the folks where you have chosen to stage your destination wedding party, since they might be able to give you recommendations for florists, caterers and photographers.

Also, get a lot of photographs whilst you're there so you won't need to try and remember the color schemes and physical arrangement of the location whilst you are planning the wedding decor.

Furnish your guests adequate notice so they can make proper arrangements to be present at your affair. Send your invitations early, and also consider hiring a bus to get all of your guests to the occasion.

As a final point, have fun. Any wedding can rapidly turn into a nerve-racking event if you don't clam down and have fun all through the process. This is specially true if you yearn to have your wedding in a country different than your own. The paperwork and red tape can be quite a pain. So, conducting your destination theme wedding on your native soil can provide an affair that stands out clearly from the pack along with easing legality and paperwork hurdles.

David & Adriana's Platinum Wedding - Part 1of 3

David & Adriana's Destination Wedding - Part 2 of 3
David & Adriana's Destination Wedding - Part 3 of 3

How And When To Cut The Wedding Cake

How And When To Cut The Wedding Cake

Timing For Cutting The Wedding Cake:

By: Charish Pyatt Awad - California Weddings

You may be surprised, but something as simple as cutting the wedding cake, isn't always the easiest thing for newly weds to figure out at their reception.

Through the years, I've aided many couples in this simple task, and happily so. Come to think of it, when all eyes are on you, you're tired from the stress of the busy day's events, , , the last thing you need is the pressure of cutting the cake, and doing it "properly".

Enjoy the video I've posted above to learn more about how to cut the wedding cake. Basically, Less is more. You don't need to cut a large piece of cake to get the task done.

What Time Is The Best Time To Do The Cake Cutting?
There is no proper etiquette for when to cut the cake, however there are some things to consider:

1. For an outdoor wedding reception, is it possible that the cake icing could be melting? If so, talk to your event planner, and/or Event MC/DJ about getting the cake cutting done soon after you are announced into the reception.

2. For a cake and punch only reception, the sooner you cut the cake, the better, as your guests are likely anxious to have a bite. READ MORE BELOW PICTURE:

What Do I Typically Recommend (If number's 1, and 2 above do not apply)?

Here's My Preferred Wedding Reception Schedule:

(I'm a bit of a type A personality by the way ;-) ~ ~ while others will have their own preferences, I prefer to keep things rolling, and the guests NOT waiting so as to not get bored.

1. Bride and Groom are announced into the reception (after the bridal party) by their professional DJ, or MC.

2. Immediately After Being Announced (You - The Bride & Groom), rather than go directly to your head table and sit down, do your first dance together as man and wife.

3. After the first dance, (Bride & Groom) go and sit at their head table, while the DJ/MC plays some pleasant background music for all the guests to enjoy. Meanwhile the catering staff, should be ready, and serve the bride and groom their dinner first, then the the bridal party, and then start serving the guests. NOTE: For a buffet style dinner, the bride and groom usually have their plates prepared for and served to them by the catering staff. The bridal party and all guests are then released to go to the buffet table by group, and by the MC/DJ. READ MORE BELOW PHOTO

4. Immediately after the bride and groom have enjoyed their meal (not the guests, they may still be eating), , the bride and groom have their wedding DJ/MC announce that while the guests remain seated, the bride and groom head over to the cake to cut it and feed each other. Be sure to let your wedding photographer, wedding videographer, and wedding planner know this ahead of time as well. This will allow for perfect timing of the photography, and video taping of the cake cutting, while at the same time allow your wedding planner to aid you should you need assistance (ie. napkins, an extra plate, etc.)

5. After the cake has been cut - You (the bride and groom) head back to your head table to be seated.

Note: Before this time, (sometime mid-dinner) the champagne should have already been placed on the head table, and each guest table in preparation of the upcoming toasts.

6. Now is the perfect time for speeches, and toasts (and they will go on in most cases ;-) especially if there has already been some alcohol ingestion) While these things are happening the catering staff will have ample time to cut the cake in pieces and serve the guests, as well as the entire bridal party.

7. Once toasts, and speeches are out of the way, the wedding DJ can begin playing some fun dance toons, and if he/she is good, they'll be able to get your guests out on the floor for some fun!

8. Approx. 30 minutes into the dancing (enough time for all to get a good workout ;-) - the DJ should announce the bridal bouquet toss, and garter toss will be done (if applicable). Tip: The bridal toss bouquet is usually placed on the wedding cake table as a decorative ornament to the cake. Be sure to speak to your wedding florist about this ahead of time to make sure you will be having a toss bouquet.

9. After the garter/bouquet toss has been done, it's usually nothing but dancing and fun!!!


How to bridal updo with Extend-it clip-in extensions

How to bridal updo with Extend-it clip-in extensions
How To Get The Wedding hair of your dreams. Extend-it uses only premium remy cuticle human hair. Here are a few wedding hair styles with clip in extensions. Extend-it is great for updos in additional to length and volume. Bridal hair with no limits.


5 Tips to Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer

5 Tips to Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer

by: Phil Thornton

Selecting a wedding photographer is possibly one of the most impactful decisions
you can make during your wedding planning. Your wedding photos should last a lifetime and be a direct reflection of your special day. A good wedding photographer will capture the essence of your wedding and convey that emotion through the images. Here are five simple tips to follow when searching for your perfect wedding photographer.


* The Internet is Your Buddy
Most brides (and the occasional groom) know that the internet is a very valuable tool when researching vendors and looking for wedding inspiration. Directory and search engine sites like Google are great for searching through a ton of resources all in the same place. This saves you time and puts great vendors right in front of you. Once you have developed a short list of photographers whose work you love based on your initial impression then you can really dig into each site individually. Many successful photographers operate blogs. Checking out a photographers blog is a great way to learn a little more about them, find some more recent work, and even peak into their personality. These days if a photographer doesn't have a website my suggestion would be to skip them. If they aren't using the web they are most likely extremely outdated or not serious about their profession.

* Your Cousin/Sister/Aunt/Friend
You might be tempted to skip the expensive professional wedding photographer and use your best friend who has a great camera. Please don't make this mistake. Wedding photography requires experience to do it right. There are a hundred things that go on during a wedding that you must capture, correctly, the first time. A professional knows where to be, what to look for, and how to capture an image unobtrusively. Professional photography gear is also critical for shooting wedding. Many times off camera lighting or specialty lenses are needed that most amateurs just don't have.

* Chemistry
It really is all about chemistry. Make sure you take the time to interview the photographer you are considering. This is a very common and acceptable practice and if the photographer is not happy to meet with you before hand, move on. Your wedding day should be fun and relaxing. If your photographer doesn't "click" with you it will only create stress. After booking your photographer you should feel confident that they are reliable, trustworthy, and can deliver the photos you expect.

* Product Overload
Your first encounter with a photographer might seem a little overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of available products and services for you to choose from. My advice is to select a photographer based primarily on their skills and images. Products can usually be added at any time after the wedding. Don't choose a less talented photography simply because they offer a free print or promotional product.

* Background Check
A few questions you might want to ask your prospective photographer are:

1. Are you a full time photographer or part-time?
2. May we see a completed wedding (all images.)
3. May we have a few references to contact?
4. Are you insured and is your business registered?

These questions will give you a better idea about your photographers background and whether or not they are legitimate. If the photographer acts offended or defensive it may be a sign that they are hiding something.

Just remember, go with your instinct and the selection process should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Happy hunting!

The Right Linens, Make A World Of Difference For Your Wedding!

The Right Wedding Linens, Make A World Of Difference For Your Wedding!

Choosing the right linens, and chair covers for your wedding, and reception decor, will make a world of difference in the WOW factor of your decor appeal.

You can also get away with using fewer flowers for centerpieces, which can in turn, actually save you money!

By mixing and matching complimentary colors and patterns, you can create a wonderful atmosphere for your guests to enjoy. The colors you choose, can actually enhance the overall reception experience for all as well.

Centerpieces fall second in importance when you choose the right linens, colors, and patterns.

With that said, your centerpieces, while still important, can be as simple as a water filled vase, accented with citrus fruits, floating candles, and a hint of food coloring to tint the water if you so desire.

VIDEO Time lapse Mehndi Design, Plus Different Types of Mehndi Designs

VIDEO Time lapse Mehendi design, Plus Different Types of Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is actually prepared from the leaves of plant called henna which is known also as cypress flower. Word ‘Henna' comes from the Arabic name for Lawsonia Inermis pronounced as Hinna. The styles of mehndi designs differ as per the region they are used.

Mehndi is been used from the ancient times i.e nearly 5000 years ago. According to many people mehndi is brought to India by the Mughals, however some are of the view that it originated in India. Mehndi commonly referred to as 'heena' is prepared from the leaves of plant called henna it is also known as cypress flower. The word 'Heena' is extracted from Latin Arabic name for Lawsonia Inermis which is pronounced as Hinna.

The Henna paste is applied through the medium plastic cone and the paint brush. At times the metal-tipped jacquard bottle that is used for silk painting is also utilized for the mehndi application. In order to create more intense color you can wrap the area were mehndi is applied using plastic, tissue etc. It is removed after three to six hours of application. The henna design can either be pale or dark orange in color. Its color is darkens through the process of oxidation with in 24 to 72 hours. The final color of the mehndi design is reddish brown.

Mehndi is used in several occasions such as the marriages
; none of the Indian wedding is complete
without it. The stunning Mehndi designs are must for every wedding ceremony. Though, the styles of mehndi design do differ with the different regions they are used in. the most popular types of mehndi design includes the Indian, Pakistani, African as well as Arabic mehndi.

Application of henna is also gaining popularity in the west; more and more people are realizing the beauty of the graceful mehndi patterns.

1. Indian mehndi designs are known for the big dot and figure on the palm center. In Indian designs the finger tips are usually colored completely with the mehndi.

2. The Arabic mehndi design is well known as the less detailing designs, even though the colors are very dark. Most of the Arabic designs include leaves, vines as well as beautiful flowers to name a few.

3. Pakistani mehndi design is the most detailed one therefore the application of the Pakistani Mehndi is a bit time taking.

4. African mehndi designs are very rarely used for Mehndi application. It includes the geometric figures and dots.

The mehndi ceremonies in the Indian wedding mostly involve in the pre-wedding rituals. It is believed in India that darker the color of the mehndi on the palm of bride more successful will be her marriage. Mehndi designs are also popularly in the religious festive. In the festivals such as Diwali, most of the women go for mehndi application; most of the beauty salons also offer henna applications during the festive season.

Mehndi is associated to lots of things - a good dark design is a sign of good luck for the marital couple. It is common for the names of the bride and groom to be hidden in the mehndi design; and the wedding night cannot commence until the groom has found the names. Some examples of popular traditional images used in mehndi designs are the peacock, which is the national bird if India, the lotus flower, and an elephant with a raised trunk, which is a symbol of good luck.

The art of Mehndi has existed for centuries. The exact place of its origin is difficult to track because of centuries of people in different cultures moving through the continents and taking their art forms with them and therefore sharing their art with everyone along the way.

Bridal Hair Styles, Different Style Descriptions

Bridal Hair Styles, Different Style Descriptions

Browse Central California Bridal Hair & Makeup Artists - CLICK HERE

Hair stylist believe that the hair is the woman’s crowing glory. This is especially true to a bride. Although she wants her wedding to be perfect in all aspects, how her hair is done will definitely say it all. Everybody will be looking at her and she will be the center of attention. She has to look fabulous.

The following are some of the bridal hair styles one can choose from on her special day:

Polished Updo – is perfect for women who wants to look glamorous and immaculate with all the hair elegantly tied up.

Loose Messy Updo – the hair is also tied up but some curls are allowed to flow freely to give that care-free spirit for the bride. This is an option to the polished updo.

Long Smooth Curls – this simple but attractive style is best for beach weddings where all your curls just flow freely with the wind.

Short and Sassy Wedding Cut – best accentuated with a floral headband, this cut is for those who prefer the happy-go-lucky style and is less facy to fashion. Accessories add up to enhancing this style.

Bridal Side Ponytail – the bridal side ponytail is always perfect for that girlish look. This is an option for those brides who do not want either the updo nor the simple down do.

Australia is beset with a number of professionals who do bridal hair styles. Coffs Harbour offers its own wealth of globally competitive hair stylist who can turn one simple and wishful lady into a princess walking down the aisle with glamour and confidence.

Browse Central California Bridal Hair & Makeup Artists - CLICK HERE