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Wedding ceremony Decorating Ideas - Tips On What NOT To Do!

Wedding ceremony Decorating Ideas - Tips On What NOT To Do!

(images added by permissible embedded code provided by 3rd party source)

Ceremony Decor Pictures, Images and Photos
Mistake 1 - Too Much Shade

A marriage is meant to be a sublime, sophisticated, "grown-up" affair and while a contact of shade right here and there adds interest & ties all parts collectively, too much shade or attempting to "match" all the pieces will make your marriage ceremony look more like a teenage women birthday celebration then a classy wedding.

Keep in mind the saying "Less is more". Try to bear in mind this when brainstorming for wedding decorating ideas. Maintain to natural colours and just use brighter colours very sparingly as accents here & there.

Mistake 2 - Attempting To Match All the things

You don't all the time have to match the color of the bridesmaid's clothes with the groomsman's ties, or with the desk cloths etc. You probably have a shiny shade on your bridesmaids, try to use an extra refined shade of it if you happen to really must "match".

I find it's best to stick pure colors like whites, lotions, silvers, golds, browns, greens (natural greens) and black. Select 1 or 2 of those as your primary colours for decorating with and use small accents of your bridesmaids color. For instance;

* Cream napkins with a cream desk cloth with a black or gold table runner. Then use your theme shade in ribbons as napkin holders at every place, or as coloured card for the place cards,
* A Centerpiece idea is to make use of largely cream flowers and greenery with one or 2 of your theme coloured flowers.
* Use all white linen with an inexperienced table runner and when you have purple bridesmaids a peacock feather or other purple flower because the centerpiece (purple & inexperienced are nice collectively)
* Use all white linen with a Black Desk runner and Mirrors on the table with a vase sitting on it with white flowers and black feathers - very Hollywood glamor and will go together with any bridesmaid color

When you must use a vibrant coloration and match it - attempt to make white or cream the principle color and the brilliant colour only a contact right here and there will look very elegant.

Nevertheless, if in case you have a really massive, empty or bland room as your reception room then you will get away with just a little more color. A tip is to stand within the room without decorations and resolve if it is boring, busy, or average. If it is boring - turn up the decorations to add interest. If its busy, use all white or all cream with just one gentle brown or gentle gold color sparingly to tone down the room and if its common, then follow my above advice.

Be at liberty to let me know if you have any questions about your ideas, I'd be completely satisfied to present you my opinion!

Mistake 3 - Too Many False Elements

Silk flowers and faux crops are an inexpensive method so as to add curiosity to your reception room, nevertheless be sure to can't inform they're false (except you contact them). If you cannot afford flowers as your centerpiece it's in all probability finest to just not use them fairly than use silk or plastic (please - don't use plastic). Some centerpiece ideas for weddings are;

* Candles are implausible & comparatively low cost from thrift or 2 dollar stores. Purchase enough for 3, every of various heights for every table. Then purchase a reasonably plate (from a second hand retailer) or piece of mirror or glass for them all to sit down on and there you've gotten it, a reasonably, low cost centerpiece.
* Feathers can be a great addition to a centerpiece. Depending in your colour scheme, you should utilize peacock feathers or you should purchase massive feathers which have been died to just about any coloration from most craft stores.
* Or you may make your personal floral centerpieces as a substitute of utilizing a florist. Buy enough tall vases for 1 per table. (you can hire them but it might generally be cheaper to purchase them from thrift or 2 dollar stores) Then get your most trusted aunt or good friend who will not be within the bridal party to go to a florist on the morning of your wedding ceremony and buy some long white Lily's or some other massive tall white robust stemmed flower. Get enough for 3 per table (don't tell the florist they're for a marriage as a result of they'll double or triple the value!) use these Lily's with one or 2 lengthy coloured feathers and some tall wicker (wicker can be purchased from craft stores or florists). Then wrap a large Black, White or Cream ribbon across the top of the vase for a decorative but inexpensive centerpiece.
* Tip - prepare the wicker, feather and ribbons within the vase in advance, then all your friend has to do is transport them and carry them into the reception room then place the flowers in with water. Organize this upfront with the reception middle so they are aware.

You can also make your individual floral centerpieces using absolutely anything but the important thing to protecting it inexpensive is to use more of different elements and only a few flowers, it's also cheaper to do most of the work/analysis/arrange and so forth your self upfront with a friend or aunt establishing on the day for you (be sure to purchase them a thanks reward for their bother).

I hope these wedding decorating ideas have given you one thing to assume about. As long as you remember these 3 things;

1. Maintain it Simple

2. Preserve it Natural and

3. Get an outsiders opinion if doubtful, then your marriage ceremony will likely be a wonderful, elegant & tasteful affair.

In the end, your wedding ceremony is a personal expression of you and your fiance's love of one another so the marriage adorning concepts have to be yours, so try to not stress about them but should you comply with my recommendation you will have friends and family complimenting your wedding adorning concepts and even perhaps stealing a few of them for their own future weddings!


Fresno Wedding Flowers, Using Orchids As the Bouquet At A Wedding

Fresno Wedding Flowers, Using Orchids As The Bouquet & Other Floral Pieces For Your Wedding:

orchid bouquet Pictures, Images and Photos
(images added by permissible embedded code provided by 3rd party source)

Using Orchids As the Bouquet At A Wedding

One of the most noticeable things at a wedding, aside from the bride and groom, are the flowers. The flowers signify beauty and radiance and bring a touch of elegance to the day. The flowers that are chosen to represent the statement of the couple being married is a very serious decision to decide upon, and orchids are a perfect choice for the occasion. Because they have such a wide variety of species and colors to pick from, an orchid bouquet really is the best option.

Orchids for the Bouquet

Orchids are very flexible and a great all-round flower which is why it can be used in very many ways for a wedding. The first use it should have is as the bouquet. The particular features which the orchid
possesses that make it a magnificent flower as a wedding bouquet are its’ fragrance and its’ colors. Because the flowers at a wedding are going to be close to the guests’ noses for the duration of the day, these two qualities are crucial in making the right choice. It’s always possible that some guests may have allergies and a strongly scented flower may not suit for this reason, but many orchids have a very subtle scent. Another good reason to use orchids is because of what they symbolically represent. For example, the magnolia stands for dignity and the marigold stands for affection. The red tulip stands for belief and the water lily stands for eloquence. And orchids stand for beauty, magnificence, love and refinement. These are the characteristics that should be expressed at any wedding and will highlight the true significance of the relationship between the bride and the groom. With all the beautiful qualities of a wedding, an orchid is the only true choice of flower.

Other Uses for Orchids at a Wedding

The other great use of an orchid at a wedding is as the centerpiece for all the tables. As it is possible that a few guests may suffer allergies to strong scents, there are several reasons that an orchid is the best choice to use as the centerpiece display. First, orchids are quite sturdy plants, and although they are susceptible to the cold and can bruise if not handled without care, they can withstand high temperatures and go without water for long periods of time. For a wedding being planned for the summer this is very good news indeed. Secondly, orchids are available all year round. Probably the most striking benefit the orchid has over other flowers is its’ sheer size – some can grow up to 32 inches (81 centimeters) – and this would certainly showcase the centerpiece to its’ full advantage.

Orchids can be bought in bulk and a good tip to save money for the wedding is to approach the grower directly. This will help lower your costs and in many of cases, you could have the orchids delivered on the morning of the special day. If orchids have been chosen for the main flower arrangements, then this would be very much recommended.

Article by: Dane Swann

Enjoy Some More Photo Ideas For Using Orchids In Different Ways At A Wedding:
orchid bouquet Pictures, Images and Photos
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green orchid Pictures, Images and Photos
Simon's Boutonairre Pictures, Images and Photos
Orchid bouquet Pictures, Images and Photos
Submerged Orchid Centerpiece Pictures, Images and Photos
orchid ctrpc Pictures, Images and Photos
orchid mini topiaries  2 Pictures, Images and Photos



La Mesa CA Wedding Of Shin and Ben

La Mesa California Wedding Video of Shin and Ben:

A quirky & cute La Mesa, private home wedding.

Choosing A Venue For Your Wedding - From A DJs Perspective

So, you’ve read the “how to choose the perfect wedding venue articles posted on the web, published in the bridal magazines and you’re wondering what the heck it’s doing on a DJ Hire site... Well consider this, who attends more weddings in a year than your maid of honour, and who gets to leave the wedding venue with the last of the wedding guests (keeping in mind that the wedding photographer only stays until the bouquet and garter has been thrown)? In other words who really gets to know the ins and outs of choosing a wedding venue to have a decent party at?

There are loads of things to consider when choosing a wedding venue. First there are the obvious ones: How many guests can it accommodate; does it have sufficient parking; is it safe; what’s the food like; are
there electrical outlets for the DJ’s, band; etc. But what about the party? I mean the ceremony, while it is the essence of the wedding, only lasts 30 to 45 minutes, while the reception can keep going for anything between 4 to 8 hours, and it is in this time that your guests will want to be entertained. And honestly, the jazz band only plays for so long! This is where I come in. You see, I’ve been a DJ for 13 years now. My speciality: weddings. And I’ve seen my share, trust me!

So what should you be looking at when you choose a wedding venue, to not only make sure that the wedding is unique, stunning, elegant, but also a wedding that your guests will talk about for years to come?

Let’s start with the basics: there’s a good chance that 50% of your guests will be smokers, so the venue must have a facility for smokers. Now usually this is done outside, which works fine, but what happens when it rains? Can they cater for this, or will the smokers just leave early? I mean let’s face it, smokers don’t party unless they have a cigarette in hand...

Secondly, what do they have planned for the kids? I know that some couples specifically request their guests to not bring kids along, but hey, if that were you, would you want to leave your kids at home? How about booking a smaller venue (or a room) for the kids and arranging alternative entertainment for them, together with a qualified child minder? Did you know that there are entertainment companies out there that provide these services? This prevents anyone getting hurt on the dance floor and the kids will have a ball! Remember that weddings are a time for friends and family to get together...

Did you know that if you choose a venue in a residential area you’ll be restricted in terms of the music on the night? So instead of the rocking party you expected, you’ll be having a toned down affair with guests nagging you (and your DJ) to turn up the tunes. Now you might not have thought about this, and the venue probably neglected to mention this, but as they are in a residential area, they are not allowed to play loud music, especially not after 22h00 at night. And as a DJ we are obliged to stick to that rule, or we might be kicked out. Usually your party will also end strictly at 00h00, so no overtime here...

While a wedding in the country or in outlying areas are a better choice in terms of the music, you have to consider that your guests might have been drinking the whole evening and some of them will be driving home afterwards. A good idea might be to have the telephone numbers of cab companies handy for those guests who have had one drink too many, after all you wouldn’t want your guests to remember your wedding as the night they spent in jail...

Finally, always keep in mind that your entertainment for the evening will be one of the most important choices you’ll make. Should you decide to go with a DJ, always ensure that they are registered with both SAMRO and SADJA (the South African Music Rights Organisation and the South African DJ Association). This will prevent embarrassment during the evening and also ensure that you get quality entertainment – All Night Long! (For more on SAMRO and SADJA please visit their respective websites).

Article by: Jacky Dannhauser

Wedding Cakes! Fun With Fondant, You'll Love This Video!

Wedding Cakes! Fun With Fondant, You'll Love This Video!

If you think working with fondant is easy, think again. You'll love the girl in
this video (she's so adorable!), and makes creating a fondant cake look easy.

Well, after watching this video, you'll likely have a new respect for professional
wedding cake bakers!


Here are some ideas for wedding cake toppers & other cake accessories below:

Crystal Clear Monogram Cake Topper

Crystal Clear Monogram Cake Topper

Personalize your cake with the latest trend, a stylish and modern monogram. Its clean and simple style looks great on its own, or surrounded by fresh flowers, seashells, icing - or whatever fits your theme. This cake topper is made from crystal clear acrylic to look just like glass. Measures 4" square.

Scrolled Letter Cake Topper

Scrolled Letter Cake Topper

Get in on the monogram trend! This is one of the most stylish ways to decorate your cake top and the clean and simple design in brushed metal means this piece looks great on its own or surrounded by decorations to help carry out your theme. Choose two initials separated by an ampersand, or a single initial to show the world you are now together as one. Each letter measures 4.5" tall and the width varies depending on the character chosen. Limited letters available.

Vintage Style Embossed Cake Serving Set

Vintage Style Embossed Cake Serving Set

An intricately scrolled design makes this cake set look like it's been plucked from Grandma's fine silver box. A timeless set that you'll find yourself using again on special birthdays and anniversaries. The knife measures 14.25" long and the server measures 11.5". Choose the engraved set and we'll personalize the knife with your names and wedding date for no additional charge.

Seashell Cake Topper

Seashell Cake Topper

You're going all-out with your beach theme, and you can't forget the cake! Our heart-shaped topper is embellished with all sorts of fun sea treasures including a real starfish. Made of lightweight resin so it's appropriate for most any cake top. Each piece measures 5.75" tall with a 4" wide base.

Seashell Cake Set

Seashell Cake Set

You know the quintessential photo of the cake cutting ceremony you'll be displaying for years to come? This seaside themed knife and server set ensures a picture-perfect moment right down to the smallest detail. Each piece is embellished with cute seashells and starfish, and is tied with a "rope" ribbon for a nautical look. Knife measures 12.5" and the server is 10" long.

Just the Two of Us Cake Topper Set

Just the Two of Us Cake Topper Set

Give your cake a look that's fresh and trendy with this bejeweled topper bearing your initials and symbolizing that you are now together as one. Each silver metal and Swarovski crystal set comes in three pieces - the linked hearts are one piece, and the initials are two separate pieces. Once grouped together, your cake topper will measure approximately 4" tall and 7.25" wide at widest point. Pieces are easily set into the cake with the attached 5" spikes.

A New Beginning Cake Jewelry

A New Beginning Cake Jewelry

Butterflies have long symbolized a new life and a new beginning. So what better way to embellish your cake than with these intricate little jewels. Our silver metal buterflies are decorated with clear Swarovski crystals so they sparkle and catch the light when nestled among flowers or icing. Each set includes six, 1.25" butterflies on 14" silver wire which can be trimmed to any length depending on how you choose to decorate your cake.

Swarovski Photo Frame Cake Topper

Swarovski Photo Frame Cake Topper

Romantic, sentimental and uniquely yours, this Swarovski crystal frame is an elegant way to show off a photo of the two of you. It's fitted with a slender prong at the base so the piece anchors securely into your cake. The topper measures 5.25" wide and 4.5" tall.


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Chiyogami Black Roses Fine Paper - 25" x 19"

Chiyogami Black Roses Fine Paper - 25

Yuzen Pool Lake Waves Fine Paper - 25" x 19"

Yuzen Pool Lake Waves Fine Paper - 25

Yuzen Mini Flowers on Pool Moss Fine Paper - 24 1/2" x 37"

Yuzen Mini Flowers on Pool Moss Fine Paper - 24 1/2

Yuzen Red White Pink Petals Fine Paper - 25 1/2" x 19"

Yuzen Red White Pink Petals Fine Paper - 25 1/2

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Yuzen Strawberry Plum Blossoms on Chocolate Fine Paper - 25

Yuzen Mini Beet Flower Fine Paper - 24 1/2" x 37"

Yuzen Mini Beet Flower Fine Paper - 24 1/2

Fresno Wedding Receptions, Real Weddings California, Judy And Nick

Judy And Nick's March 26th, 2011 Fresno Wedding, and Fresno Wedding Reception!

Congratulations! To Judy And Nick!!

Like the colors in this wedding reception? See some suggestions below!

Here are some Wedding Ideas Below To Compliment This Wedding:

Casablanca Wedding Dress 2008

Casablanca Wedding Dress 2008

Casablanca Wedding Dress 1995

Casablanca Wedding Dress 1995

Christina Wu Wedding Dress 15434

Christina Wu Wedding Dress 15434

Alyce Designs Bridesmaid Dress 1275

Alyce Designs Bridesmaid Dress 1275

Sarah Jane Black Date - Delphine - Wedding Save the Date Card

Sarah Jane Black Date - Delphine - Wedding Save the Date Card

Black Lustre: 100 Personalized Invitations / Announcements

Black Lustre:  100 Personalized Invitations / Announcements

"Black Baroque" Elegant Place Card Holder/Photo Frame


Fresno Wedding Receptions, Real Weddings California, Judy And Nick