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Wedding Cakes - What's HOT, and what's NOT!?

by: Charish Pyatt Hoover
Owner: http://www.FresnoWeddings.Net/

Everyone LOVES wedding cake! If you don't, well, then I question just how human you are!? ;-)

If you're like me, the first thing you likely notice when you walk into a couple's wedding reception is not just the heavenly aura put off by the wedding cake somewhere across the room, (being displayed almost as if it's a non-touchable work of art), but you most likely notice the heavenly smell as well. A smell that takes you back to your child-hood when you remember sticking your finger in mom's frosting, or getting to lick the bowl clean when all the mixing and pouring is done. A smell that brings good feelings of contentment, and warm hugs.

Some cakes are just too pretty to cut, (Of course that's why the wedding photographer's picture of the cake is so important, so as to preserve this edible work of art that smells so darn good!)

When I started out in the wedding industry in 1991, most people had not heard of fondant covered wedding cakes. In fact a photo of most wedding cakes from back then today - would most likely easily be "dated".

Then, it was common to see multi-tiered buttercream wedding cakes (topped with frosting flowers), and displayed on extravagant plastic (supposedly fairytale-like stands). Some of these stands were inspired by castles, some were just bridges, and some even had water fountains running through them. Most were topped by a traditional bride and groom wedding cake topper.

TODAY, it is rare to see cakes and cake stands as mentioned above. Our more modern bride and groom often take a more simple, and elegant approach when choosing their wedding cake design.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say, that the artistic appearance of the wedding cake is more important than ever for today's bride and groom, , , , but , , , without sacrificing excellent flavor, which can often be the case if choosing a cake designer without ample experience in the actual baking aspect of the cake.

Today - I see a good balance of cakes that are either Fondant (a sweet clay-like covering), or traditional buttercream frosted. Both have their benefits, unique taste, and decorative possibilities.

Frosting flowers are a thing of the past. (see gumpaste flowers below).
Today's cakery's often deliver a cake that is without flowers, that can, and often will be decorated with real flowers brought by the hired florist once the cake has been fully setup on its table.

It is becoming more common to see edible (gum paste flowers) as decorative accents on wedding cakes in place of real flowers, however real flowers are still used most often to date.

Both fondant covered and buttercream frosted cakes can be decorated with CAKE JEWELRY - which can either be a fashionable cake topper, monogrammed cake topper, and/or things such as pearls, or gems (aka BLING), placed all over the cake in a decorative manner. It is also common for colored, decorative, silk ribbon to be used around the base of each tier to add color, style, balance, etc.



I have learned that fondant covered wedding cakes tend to hold up better in higher temperatures, therefore if you're having your reception at an outdoor wedding venue, it would be wise to consider this option.


While some couples choose a more simple, elegant look for their wedding cake, there are those who want a cake designed specifically for the purpose of serving as an expression of their personalities, or a special passion in their life.

For example: One couple chose a wedding cake in the shape of a fire truck topped with a riding bride and groom. The groom had been a firefighter for many years, and the couple thought that this design was not only a tribute to the groom's dedication, but to the many firefighter friends/guests that were to attend their wedding reception as well. As a small tribute to the bride, a small duplicate of a tiny blue sports car she owned and loved was placed to the side of the fire truck.

So what's HOT, and what's NOT when it comes to wedding cakes? The answer is pretty much anything that suits the styles, and personalities of the bride and groom is HOT!!! What's NOT? I say who cares?

Whether you want a mini fondant wedding cake for each of your guests, a six tiered buttercream wedding cake smothered in daisies, or an elegant and completely BLINGED out fondant wedding cake, , , , , be sure to choose your cake designer/baker carefully, as few things can harm your reception success than a lopsided wedding cake (delivered late), , , that not only looks little like you had discussed with the designer, but also leaves a lot to be desired in the flavor department!


2010 Vera Wang Bridal Gown Collection

Yesterday marked the end of Bridal Fashion Week in NYC. At their shows, designers reveal their latest collections (and the newest styles and trends) that will be available in Fall 2010/Spring 2011.

If beautiful wedding dresses makes you drool, then you won’t be disappointed by the newest collections from Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier.

The inspiration for Vera Wang’s newest wedding gowns came from 1964’s “My Fair Lady” starring Audrey Hepburn. Black accents, soft romantic lines, and layers and layers of fabric showcase the sophisticated femininity that is a hallmark of Vera Wang’s style.

Tips for first-time brides and grooms combining households

Tips for first-time brides and grooms combining households

(ARA) - First-time brides and grooms are older than ever before, according to recent U.S. Census Bureau figures. The median age for men marrying for the first time is now 28 and it's 26 for women - that's 30 percent older than in 1960.

Because today's first marriages are occurring later in life - not to mention second or third marriages - more often the modern dilemma is whose couch stays and tallying how many flat-screen TVs the couple has between them.

When couples married 40 years ago they were barely into their 20s and often still living at home. The traditional wedding shower carried great value in that age as it supplied newlyweds with all the necessities that married life required, including dishes, cookware and bedding.

Bob Gomori got married last year at 27 - just one year shy of the median age for men. However, Gomori had already built a successful career as a franchisee of the moving company Two Men and a Truck in Youngstown, Ohio, and he'd already owned his own home for several years. He had a unique vantage point of the challenges associated with combining households for first marriages.

"It's tough because you both have things that you want to keep, but to keep it all is certainly not the most efficient thing to do," Gomori says. "The successful couples I see as a mover are those who take first marriage as an opportunity to take inventory of what they have and sort it out before they combine homes. I know it's a lot to think about, particularly with wedding plans in the works, but ultimately you avoid moving things two or three times, and you save money in the long run."

Certified professional organizer Monica Ricci is a renowned organizing expert, speaker and author based in Atlanta. Ricci counsels her clients on effective organizing and simplifying strategies for home and work, and offers free advice at

"Try not to be too attached to something simply because it's yours," says Ricci. "You each deserve to keep some items you love. Remember, the more you streamline now, the easier your move will be. "

Ricci and Gomori agree proper planning is the key to starting off on the right foot in the early years of marriage. They suggest the following tips for combining households for first-time marriages:

* Go through each house together, and identify which items are duplicates. Talk about each item honestly. If you can legitimately use two of something in your new life, such as televisions or stereos, go ahead and keep both.

* Do the same evaluation for small items, such as silverware, as you do for the larger items. These smaller items can add up quickly, and often produce the most basement or attic clutter.

* Organize with boxes and colored markers. Contact your local Two Men and a Truck moving company to purchase a variety of box sizes before you begin so you can appropriately tag and box both items that stay and those that go along the way.

* Think about donating to those in need. If a garage sale isn't of interest, consider donating to local churches or synagogues, homeless shelters or the Salvation Army.

The experts agree that couples can successfully blend two households if they take time on the front end to address the move. The key, as with all organizing projects, is proper planning. For more moving advice, visit

Courtesy of ARAcontent