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Choosing your Beach Style Wedding Dress

Not every bride wants the same type of wedding dresses, of course, because every bride is different. Some brides want designer and couture wedding dresses for their weddings. And, unfortunately, not every bride can afford a designer wedding dress. Fortunately, there are ways to get your dream couture wedding dress for less than retail.
Trumpet / Mermaid Halter Court Train Satin Charmeuse Wedding Dresses for Bride (HSX1250)
Instructions as follow:
Step 1 First, don’t fear simple couture wedding dresses.
A plain designer wedding dress will most likely be more affordable than an ornate couture wedding dress. So, choose a plain designer wedding dress that fits you well, then dress it up in your own personal style. Add jewelry, beading or gemstones to make the dress your own. You’ll have your designer dress, and you’ll have it with your own personal style.

Step 2 Call upscale consignment stores in your area and ask if they have a bridal section. People may be eager to get their expensive and modest wedding dresses out of their homes. You could get an amazing deal to begin with, but if the deal isn’t good enough, you have the ability to bargain at a consignment store for a better price.
2009 Style Sheath / Column Strapless Knee-length Sleeveless Satin Wedding Dress for Bride / Reception Dress (WGY0052)
Step 3 Shop the sale racks at local bridal boutiques. Just because a wedding dress is on sale does not mean that it can not be your couture dream dress. Wedding dress sales are great - comb through the racks until you find your perfect wedding dress.

Step 4 Rent a wedding dress from a bridal salon. You’ll only have your dream designer wedding dress for one day, but that’s all you need it for, after all. Buying a designer dress can cost thousands of dollars, whereas renting it can cost a few hundred. Just be aware that you may not be able to make alterations on a rented dress, so you’ll need to find a dress that fits you just right.

Step 5 Visit websites which offer used and sample discount wedding dresses, cheap wedding dresses, casual wedding dresses, elegant wedding dresses . is a great website for these. However, when you buy a dress online, be sure that you love it, and it will be able to be altered.

Step 6 Buy designer dresses - but not wedding dresses. A white designer gown can cost you less than a designer wedding gown. Find the perfect white evening gown, and dress it up with wedding jewelry, a tiara or a wedding veil.
Trumpet / Mermaid Strapless  Court Train Chiffon Designer Wedding DressesTrumpet/Mermaid Wedding Dresses (WSW0321)

Catering Your Own Wedding?

Catering Your Own Wedding?
by: Charish Hoover - California Weddings

(recommended only for smaller events)

I know what it's like to want the perfect wedding, but feel it's financially out of reach. I'll also be the first to strongly encourage all brides to NEVER skimp on quality just because of price.

An event such as a wedding comes only once in most people's lives, therefore, I think we can all agree splurging a bit is not only acceptable, , , , but called for if it means having no regrets when you look back.

With that said, , , There's always something that can be sacrificed for the more important things regarding your wedding. I'll leave that up to you.

When it comes to catering, and hiring a caterer, you truly do

want to choose the most experienced, tried, and tested professional.

Price does matter:

You may find a caterer who charges only $5.00 per person, as apposed to a caterer who charges $40.00 per person. That's ok, but I'll never forget what one Fresno caterering service owner said to me. Those words were, "$5.00 per plate may sound great, but that price is pretty expensive when the food tastes like #%@*" Ehem! nuff said. OK, back to my point. This may or may not be true in every case. I suggest that if you're interested in any of the many great California caterers, ask for a sample tasting of the food items that interest you prior to hiring them. Then, you will better know whether or not the food is worth the price, whether it's $5.00, or more.

Another bit of advice is this. If you're on a tight budget, but still want a fairy tale wedding, , , , DON'T invite the world to your wedding! Try to keep your guest count below 100 people (60 is a good number). One of the biggest expenses for a wedding usually turns out to be feeding your guests. Pick a number and stick to it. When it comes to your wedding invitations, remember that it is ok to mention on the invite that seating is limited to names listed on the invitation. This will hopefully deter your guests from extending their invitation to their own guest(s).

If you are planning to hold your wedding reception at a home, or memorial building, public hall, etc., catering your own wedding will be much easier. If however you want to have your reception at one of the more popular banquet halls or facilities, you may very well be told "No" when it comes to bringing in your own food. This may happen because banquet halls often offer their own catering and that service is usually part of a package deal. When your date is a prime, popular date, a caterer and hall simply would not prefer to have you booked for that day as apposed to a bride who wants to hire the facility for all of its services. There's nothing wrong with this, it's simply business. Any business will look out for it's best interest. After all, they have expenses and employees, and it simply would not be worth it to them to turn away more money. This does not mean however that you should not discuss the possibility of bringing in your own food at their banquet facility. The worst thing they can say is no. This does not make them a bad business, they're simply sticking to what works best for them.

Suggestions for pleasing your guests' appetites:

Remember that you and your new spouse may have some picture taking to do after your ceremony: Try to provide some great, yet inexpensive appetizers for your guests while they await for your arrival to the reception area.

* Veggie platters with various dips.

* Chips with salsa and/or other dips. Crackers Are also a good addition.

* Sliced fruits such as cantelope, grapes, water melon, with cream cheese/yogurt dip.

* Various sliced Deli meats with rye bread, and or crackers for mini sandwich creations.

Create a buffet of choices for your guests:

By the time you arrive at the reception, your guests should already have their hunger under control as a result of the delicious appetizers you've provided for them. The only thing left now is to provide them with a more hearty menu. Go buffet style, and your guests will enjoy the various choices offered to their tastebuds. They can also decide how much or little they wish to eat.

Buffet ideas that family & friends can help you with:

* BBQ'd beef - have a large crockpot of this tasty meat choice cooked up and ready for self serve. Be sure to have buns or tortillas available (enough per for at least 2 per guest)

Other inexpensive meat ideas:

Baked and sliced ham, boneless turkey sliced and ready for self serve.

Quick, Easy, & Inexpensive Side Dish Ideas:

Potato salad ~ Green Salad ~ Rice Pilaf ~ Green beans w/bacon ~ Dinner Rolls

About The Author:
Charish has worked in the wedding industry since 1991, and owns and operates many online wedding planning guides to help brides and grooms, , such as for: California Weddings, Wedding Locations, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Ideas, and much more.

What color bridesmaid gown?

What color bridesmaid gown is most appropriate for your wedding? Here are some thoughts and tips to help you decide.

One of the biggest questions to ask when choosing a bridesmaid dress is about color. Aside from choosing a shade you like, you’ll want to pick one that fits the tone of the ceremony: elegant, refined, causal, religious, etc. You’ll also want to choose a color that flatters the bridesmaids.
Here are some thoughts on choosing a color for your bridesmaid dresses.

Yellow. Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses are most appropriate for an elegant evening ceremony. However, Yellow can be made a bit more casual if you go with a shorter dress or by combining it with white or another light color. This color looks good on most women and is slimming, and Yellow bridesmaid gowns usually are easy to recycle for a later formal occasion. In some people’s minds, though, black just isn’t “wedding” enough because it is associated with mourning and sexuality.

Red. Red is a bold color choice. Like black, it tends to work best for the elegant evening wedding, but can be toned down if the dress is shorter or contains other colors. To avoid the ‘fire engine” effect, choose a shade that’s a little muted, and to tone down the sexual connotations of this color, choose a modest dress. Red often looks best on women with olive or brown skin, and sometimes makes blondes and redheads look pale. Red is good with Satin Bridesmaid Dresses or Taffeta Bridesmaid Dresses, so just try it.

Pink. Pink signifies innocence and youthful femininity. It’s a good choice for a springtime, outdoor wedding, but might not be appropriate for older bridesmaids. A more sophisticated choice is rum pink, which is feminine and pretty without looking too prom-like. You can also tone down the prom look by keeping the dress simple, without frilly bows and poofy stuff. Pink is good in Lace Bridesmaid Dresses or Organza Bridesmaid Dresses, so just try it.