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Red Weddings, Red Wedding Ideas

Red Weddings, Red Wedding Ideas


Red Weddings at The Knot Wedding Shop

Lumiani - Danila (Red) - Footwear

Lumiani - Danila (Red) - Footwear

Coloriffics - Spark (Red) - Footwear

Coloriffics - Spark (Red) - Footwear

Lighted Round Lantern Red Each

Lighted Round Lantern Red Each

Red Wedding Reception Decor - Indian Wedding
Red Wedding Reception, Fresno Wedding Venues

Fresno wedding receptions, Red Wedding

Red Wedding Cakes
Red Wedding Cake, Fresno Wedding Cakes

Red Wedding Cake, Fresno Wedding Cakes
Red Wedding Cake, Fresno Wedding Cakes

Red Wedding Reception Centerpieces
Red Wedding Reception Centerpieces, Fresno Wedding Venues


Red Wedding Reception At: Fresno Wedding Venue - THE GOLDEN PALACE - AS SEEN AT:

Fresno Wedding Venues


Bridal Bouquets Without Flowers

Bridal Bouquets Without Flowers

Everyone loves flowers for weddings, and every bride wants the perfect bridal bouquet.

Occasionally, someone comes up with an alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet.

Enjoy some photo ideas of some non-traditional bridal bouquets, made out of some interesting non-floral items.



Paper Bridal Bouquet
Paper Bridal Bouquet, Fresno wedding

A bead bridal bouquet
bead bridal bouquet, California Wedding

Shell Bridal Bouquet
Shell Bridal Bouquet, Fresno weddings

A butterfly bouquet
butterfly bouquet, Fresno wedding

Button Bridal Bouquet
Button Bridal Bouquet, Fresno Wedding Flowers

Felt Bridal Bouquet
Felt Bridal Bouquet, Fresno Wedding

Feather Bridal Bouquet
Feather Bridal Bouquet, Fresno Weddings


Who’s Who on the Bridal Shower Guest List

Who’s Who on the Bridal Shower Guest List

Bridal Shower Ideas

By : Nicole Owczarczak

When getting married, it can sometimes be difficult to understand the proper etiquette involved with many of the wedding functions. The bridal shower is no exception. Many brides-to-be are left uncertain of the proper procedures to follow when planning a bridal shower and who to invite. In addition, the proper role of different guests on the list can become confusing. With a few simple rules of thumb, however, you are guaranteed to have a memorable and proper bridal shower.

Who Hosts the Bridal Shower?

The maid or matron of honor, and never the bridesmaids, traditionally hosts the bridal shower. It is, however, acceptable for another close friend of either the bride or the groom to take on the responsibility. For the most part, it is considered unacceptable for a close relative of the bride, such as the mother or siblings, to throw a bridal shower. This is because it gives the appearance that the family is scouting for gifts. In some areas of the country, however, it is customary for a close relative to throw the bridal shower. In addition, if the bride does not have anyone else to throw the party for her, it may be acceptable for the mother or a sister to throw the party. The family members should, however, try to have as little involvement as possible. It is never considered acceptable for the bride to throw her own bridal shower.

Sometimes, the coworkers of a bride-to-be also decide to throw a bridal shower. A group of coworkers or just one coworker may host this shower. So far as etiquette is concerned, this is perfectly acceptable. Just be sure to limit the guest list to coworkers. Inviting friends and family to a bridal shower hosted by coworkers is tacky.

Who should be invited to the Bridal Shower?

You can invite whomever you want to your bridal shower. Your guest list should certainly include your mother, your future mother-in-law, and your maid or matron of honor. If the bride or the groom has a stepmother, she should also be invited. Traditionally, a bridal shower involves only women. But, co-ed bridal showers are gaining in popularity. This decision is one you will have to make when creating your guest list.

Typically, brides-to-be invite their immediate family members to attend their bridal showers. They also invite all of the female members of the bridal party, and the male members if the bridal shower is co-ed, and other close relatives. Close friends are also invited to the bridal shower. As a rule of thumb, only people who have been invited to the wedding itself should be invited to the bridal shower. It is uncouth to invite someone to the shower without also inviting him or her to the wedding as it implies you are only interested in receiving his or her gifts. You are not, however, expected to invite everyone who will be attending the wedding. Of course, bridal showers hosted by co-workers are the exception – you are not expected to invite you co-workers to your wedding, even if they do throw you a bridal shower.

If you are having a difficult time deciding who to invite to your bridal shower and who not to invite, take a look at your wedding guest list. First, eliminate all of the females with whom the bride does not know directly, such as the wives of male friends. Next, cross off people who were invited to the wedding simply because it is “proper,” but who are not close to the bride. This can include distant relatives or female friends of the bride-to-be’s parents.

What if there will be more than One Bridal Shower?

If you will be having more than one bridal shower, mothers, stepmothers, and female siblings on both sides, as well as the maid of honor, should be invited to every shower. None of these women, however, should be expected to provide a gift at each shower. In addition, the female siblings of the groom should have the option of choosing to attend only one of the showers. Any other guests should be only invited to one of the showers. If you do choose to invite someone to more than one shower, be sure to make it perfectly clear that the person is not expected to bring a gift each time.


Moonlight Me Too Bridesmaid Dress MT9024

Bridal Shoes at Zappos!

Moonlight Me Too Bridesmaid Dress MT9024

Moonlight Me Too Bridesmaid Dress MT9024

Moonlight Me Too Bridesmaid Dress MT9024

This is short bridesmaid dress MT9024 by Moonlight Me Too Bridesmaid. This is a sweet strapless chiffon tea length dress with beading accents and draped skirt. Me Too bridesmaids is a pretty collection of gowns from the design house of Moonlight Bridal. Long gowns and short dresses, this collection features classic designs and great colors and fabrics. These dresses would look great in any bridal party or can be worn again for any special event. And, not only can you get great value and selection on gowns and dresses from TJFormal, you can complete your outfit with our huge selection of shoes, jewelry, handbags,under garments, and all the accessories you need for a complete ensemble. From an outfit just for you, to outfitting an entire bridal party, turn to us for all your needs. Poly chiffon. This dress flows beautifully with overlay that is ruched with beading and sequins on the off center waist. The A-line tea length skirt is draped for a light and airy look. Featured in front and back views in Buttercup. Also shown in many colors with each dress labeled with the color shown -(note, colors are approximate).

Bridal Shoes at Zappos!

Wedding Invitations, FREE Shipping When You Order 50 Cards Or More!

Wedding Invitations, FREE Shipping When You Order 50 Cards Or More!

250x250 Wedding - White Invitation

A wedding invitation is the first expression of a couple's joined personality and style. LookLoveSend offer a wedding invitation to suit every couple's style; whether formal elegance, chic modernity, classic simplicity, or casual fun. Each card design is part of a collection, including thank you notes, ceremony programs, menus, and save the date cards in the style of the special event. Our wedding announcement designs are consistently updated to keep our offering fresh and exciting.

Our cards are printed on premium paper to offer an undisputed elegance and superior quality. We pride ourselves in superior customer service to make your wedding invitation card ordering process simple, to provide quick turnaround samples, and to make you glad that you chose a LookLoveSend invitation for your very special day.

How to Create Amazing Casual Wedding Invitations

By: Suzanne Bradley

When choosing to use casual invitations for your wedding, you are given an endless amount of amazing ways to incorporate personalization into your theme. From color choices, to wording, photos, and fonts, you can customize casual wedding invitations to an extent that formal invitations simply do not allow. Below are ten surefire ways to create beautiful, casual wedding invitations that reflect your wedding and the undeniable love that you and your significant other share.

Start with a theme that describes the love you two share.

Begin by exploring the hundreds of wedding invitation designs available both online and in stores. If you choose an online wedding site that is able to help you with multiple aspects of planning your wedding, then you can color coordinate your invitations with the rest of your wedding theme. You can also refine your choices according to your motif whether they are floral, hearts, contemporary, romantic or anything else you desire. If you are having trouble picking your theme, browse the available templates to get inspired.

1.  Choose colors that you love.

The use of color is one of the most eye-catching ways to set your invitations apart from any others. For a more contemporary approach you can opt for using a subtle color theme such as a plain lined border on a white card. If you are choosing to have a more eccentric wedding theme, try splashing the invitation canvas with a vibrant floral print such as the eco-friendly American Dream theme, in your choice of poppy orange or delphinium blue. The use of color in a wedding invitation can really bring them to life while tying in with your overall theme.

2.  Consider Font

While you are choosing your colors, it is important to also consider the font style and color. You can choose from a wide variety of colors for your invitation text from black to red and everything in between. It is wise to choose a color that will really pop and stand out on your invitation. Certain styles, such as the striking Rose style, will allow you to choose two ink colors including one for the invitation text and another for the names of the bride and groom.

3.  Invitation Style.

When choosing your invitation it is important to ask yourself if you would prefer a traditional flat card invitation or a folded invitation. Perhaps you would be interested in a double-fold gatefold with die-cut edges enclosing your invitation, or maybe a postcard style invitation printed with your favorite photo of you and your significant other. You can narrow your choices by style until you find an invitation that reflects the wedding ceremony that you are planning. There are endless options from which to choose, the most popular invitation styles including vertical and horizontal bordered cards, and cards that fold into the center.

4.  Match your invitation to your wedding theme.

Try to check out wedding invitations that are designed to match your overall wedding theme. If you are having a beach wedding, or a wedding in a tropical location, try to pick out invitations with a destination theme in mind. For example, you can easily find romantic wedding invitations embellished with embossed seashells or colorful Riviera Stripes for the more contemporary bride. If you are getting married in a castle you can choose a wedding invitation embossed with a castle and knight in shining armor in subtle pearl. Doing a little shopping around can inform you on everything available from country style invitations with gingham check borders to stylish ultra-contemporary wedding invitations splashed with a single bright calla lily in your choice of color.

5.  Customize the wording of your wedding invitation.

It is important to choose the right words for your wedding invitation. If you are unsure as to how to word everything you want to say to your potential guests, you can get help from a wedding invitation wording template. Whether you are requesting the honor of your guest’s presence, or asking for the pleasure of their company, there are many ways to word your wedding invitation to achieve a more personal and casual tone. You might, for instance, invite your wedding guests to “Come share our joy as we start our lives together” or “Celebrate with us, we’re getting hitched!” Options are endless.

6.  Add personal flourishes to your invitation text.

When putting together your casual wedding invitation, you can also choose tiny flourishes or embellishments to serve as borders or separators within your invitation text. Those little flourishes can work to add some casual flavor to your wedding invitations or to give them a hint of formality. Top your wedding invitation text with stylized wedding bells, or perhaps a little cartoon bride and groom, for a more casual approach. Add calligraphic swirls for a hint of formality to an otherwise casual invitation. Keep in mind that very little touches can make a huge impression in the overall appeal of your wedding invitation.

7.  Tie your invitations together.

One of the most popular wedding invitation trends of the last few years is the ribbon tie wrap. Satin ribbon wraps with flat bows are a nod to romance, but you can give it a decidedly casual flair by changing the ribbon material. Instead of the more common satin or organza option, choose raffia for a country style invitation or a thin polka dot grosgrain ribbon for a fresh, contemporary casual look.

8.  Wrap your invitation in vellum

Vellum jackets are not just for formal invitations anymore. They can beautifully add a delicate touch to any casual or contemporary invitation style. Choose a plain folded jacket and seal it with a gold foil seal stamped with the word love. Jackets and wraps can add a special touch to casual and contemporary invitations. Foil seals or ribbons can be used to tie the jacket closed.

9.  Buy blank invitations and do it all yourself.

The more you do yourself, the more you can personalize your invitations. By choosing to print your invitations at home you can choose your favorite font, rearrange the lines and wording, or even add your own clipart or personal artwork.

250x250 Wedding - White Invitation

Bridal Shoes, And More Shoes To Drool Over!

Bridal Shoes, And More Shoes To Drool Over!

It's time for some more Bridal Shoes, And Shoe love!

Check out these cute, elegant, and sexy styles below:

Wildfox x Jeffrey Campbell Lonestar Shoe

Wildfox x Jeffrey Campbell Lonestar Shoe

Sweet meets sassy. Everything adorable that represents the collaboration of these two brands has been turned into the Wildfox X Jeffery Campbell Lonestar Shoe. Fashion forward you’ll never feel like a loner in this chunky cutout peep toe. A little bit elegant and quite a bit of throw-back no need to wait until Memorial Day these snow white wonders will work to dress up any look.

Coloriffics Shoe "Camryn" 6217

This is shoe style "Camryn" 6217. This beautiful white shoe is great to wear as wedding shoes! The white shoe is dyeable, also get it in ivory. This formal shoe is a sandal with an open toe. The top strap is covered in rhinestones as well as the ankle strap. The ankle strap has a panel on the back that is closed with a zipper. This shoe has a 3/4 inch platform and a high thin heel. The heel height is 4 inches. This style is offered only as shown in Light Ivory Satin (6217) and White Satin Dyeable (6216). This shoe is available in sizes 6 – 11 whole sizes and 5 1/2 - 10 1/2 half sizes. This shoe is also available in wide widths, sizes 7 – 10 whole sizes and 6 1/2 - 9 1/2 half sizes. Coloriffics prom shoes are fun and fashion forward for 2012 prom! These shoes are sexy and trendy. Find a style to go with every prom dress! Need some extra comfort or support? Try Foot Petals! TJ Formal has all the best pumps shoes and formal shoes for prom 2012! Get prom shoes with high heels here at TJ Formal! Dress shoes for women can be found here at To Formal or in our store in Joplin, MO. Remember to shop for jewelry, prom shoes and other accessories to compliment your prom dress for 2012. You’ll find a large selection of long and short prom dresses online at TJ Formal or in their store located in Joplin, MO. We ship globally, always with free ground shipping in the continental U.S.

Allure Shoe "Dazzle"

Allure Shoe

Shoes by Allure for 2012! This is shoe style "Dazzle". This gorgeous designer bridal shoe is fashionable and elegant. An instant favorite for every bride! The dazzle is a sandal and features a beautiful rhinestone ornament and side pearl strand detail. The thin heel is 4 inches high with a 3/4 inch platform. The shoe fabric is satin. This style is offered as shown in Diamond White. It is also available in Ivory. This shoe is available in sizes 5.5 - 11 whole and half sizes. If you are wondering where to get prom shoes and wedding shoes, shop here for Allure Shoes! Allure has formal shoes, evening shoes and wedding shoes for any customer! Sparkly shoes are in style for prom 2012! Foot Petals will give you extra support and comfort! You can shop with confidence and security with us - in business in Joplin, Missouri since 1969, TJFormal has been a prominent formalwear retailer online since 1997.

Colorful Creations Shoe "Ashley" 16504

This is Colorful Creations show Ashley. Platform, peep toe with rhinstoe, ankle strap and high heel. Colorful Creations has several collections of shoes perfect for any occasion - from dyeable and couture Brianna Leigh collection, to their classic Colorful Creations collection, to the trendy prom and party Lava collection. Turn to Colorful Creations shoes to complement your bridal, evening, or prom gowns and dresses all from TJ Formal. We even have shoe accessories to keep you comfortable as you wear these great shoes. TJ Formal can outfit your from head to toe at affordable prices - we have jewelry, shapewear, and all the accessories you need to make a complete outfit at the touch of your fingers - a true one stop shop - and always with free U.S. ground shipping. Satin, dyeable shoe with a peep toe and rhinestone accent, ankle strap with buckle. Platform, 4 1/4" heel. Shown in Ivory (16504) and White Dyeable (16530).

Special Occasions Shoe "Victoria" 3615

The Lace Bridal Boot Embellished with a Satin Bow-tied Ribbon. Non-dyeable. Fine leather lining. Leather sole. 2 7/8" heel. Medium widths only.

the perfect designer wedding shoes here at TJ Formal! TJ Formal has great selection of jewelry, prom shoes and other accessories to compliment your prom look for 2012. Your order will ship Free with ground delivery in the U.S. from TJ Formal located in Joplin, MO. We offer free ground shipping on all orders that ship within the United States!